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Address: 201 Waitangi Road, Awatoto, Napier 4110
 Phone: 0800 246 742

Monday to Friday : 8:00am to 5:00pm
       Saturday :  8:00am to 12:00pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

From Organic Waste to Organic Riches

BioRich Limited is an organic waste recycling company. It's main activity is capturing organic material that would otherwise be wasted or cause pollution and turning it into rich compost. Where it is practical to do so it also seeks to extract stock food and energy from organic material that would otherwise be wasted.

What A Waste

Every year, throughout New Zealand, many thousands of tonnes of organic "waste" is dumped into landfills or is inappropriately discharged to land. Once dumped much of this green waste material breaks down in an uncontrolled manner and releases methane greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and pollutants into our waterways. Methane is estimated to be 25 times more damaging to the ozone than carbon dioxide (CO2). Meanwhile most of New Zealand's cultivated soils have been steadily deteriorating. This is due to both to a decline in soil organic matter and a depletion of minerals and nutrients.

Where We Step In 

BioRich's mission is to divert organic matter (carbon) from ending up in places where it can do a lot of harm - in our atmosphere and water, and putting it somewhere it can do a lot of good - in our soils.

Our Compost

BioRich Ltd was founded in 2004 by Mike Glazebrook. Prior to producing compost commercially Mike had been making compost for 10 years to support his large scale organic vegetable enterprise. Mike is also a past chairman of Landwise Hawke's Bay, an organisation he helped set up to research and promote sustainable farming practices. BioRich currently produces compost on two sites. One is situated 15 minutes southwest of Hastings, and another at Awatoto, Napier. Please refer to "Our Compost" page to see more details on BioRich's organically certified compost.

Waste Management Solutions

Biorich works with companies and city councils to help ensure that their organic waste streams are handled in an effective and environmentally sound manner. BioRich’s solutions include; stock food, composting, vermiculture, bio-digesters, and the safe discharge of wastewater to land. For more details please refer to our “Waste Solutions” page.

For commercial compost and waste management solutions 
call 0800 246 742 or stop by our retail location in Awatoto, Napier.

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